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Renminbi initiative - The purpose of the Initiative is to expand the investment spectrum and financing sources of Hungary. Renminbi bond market. Renminbi versus hard currency. Renminbi as alternative to other currencies.

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Small and medium

How can we build trade relations in China? Best practices from V4’s SMEs. Accomplished businessmen sharing their experience from the first negotiation till the signing of contracts. What should be done and what should be avoided.

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Agriculture and

Due to continuous technological advancements, the development of regional areas and communities, changes in consumer demand, and the negative global effects of climate change and environmental disasters, the amount of tasks imposed on the environment industry is steadily increasing.

This panel discussion will address the latest sustainable agricultural and environmental technologies region-wide, as well as the cooperation on potential know-hows within the 16+1 countries in areas such as Horticulture, Food processing, Forestry, Water management and other technological solutions.

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E-Commerce and

The global economy faces structural changes and new challenges. The ongoing internationalization of production, digitalization, and innovative solutions open new perspectives beyond borders. The strong bilateral and multilateral cooperation between China and the CEE region in the field of logistics continuously support the development of China-CEE connectivity. E-commerce has become a game changer in international trade. Harmonizing e-commerce flow processes, including customs and other regulatory requirements across borders, will support the further evolution of e-commerce.

The participants share their vision, developments and proposals on logistics cooperation between China and the CEE countries. The panel will cover the main business drivers and future challenges of e-commerce markets and address customs related topics and issues.

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B2B 2017

Parallel to the themed Panel discussions, a B2B matchmaking event will be hosted at Papp László Sport Arena, co-organised by the Hungarian National Trading House and the Bank of China Hungary, for enterprises in the following industries:

  • High-tech, IT & Internet
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Equipment Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Medical & Health
  • Environmental Protection
  • Modern Agriculture

Companies participating in the B2B Forum will also have direct access to Panel Discussions. By attending the B2B Forum, you will have the opportunity to meet with relevant Chinese business partners through pre-arranged and personalized individual appointments.
Should you be interested in participating in the B2B matchmaking, please register online and indicate your business interests which will allow the B2B team at the Bank of China to identify business complementarities with Chinese companies attending the event.
Special attention should be paid filling in your company profile form. Information given on the registration will be included in a booklet that will be distributed to all the companies participating in the B2B event.
The B2B team will review the profiles received from companies interested in participating in the B2B Forum and will contact each company to confirm its participation based on the pre-identified business opportunities.
Please be noted that, due to limited access, companies without confirmation of the B2B Forum will only be able to attend the panel discussions.
Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on
Application deadline: 10th November 2017